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NJ Guard Training Academy Celebrates Third Anniversary

May 16th, 2012

The State’s Largest & Most Trusted SORA Training School Continues To Thrive

SOUTH PLAINFIELD, N.J. (May 15th, 2012) — When Patrick Amaral first opened the doors of NJ Guard Training Academy three years ago this month; his goals were simple and modest:

  • To provide the most comprehensive SORA training in the state for aspiring security officers.
  • Then to go above and beyond SORA training by working with students to prepare and place them in positions.
  • To officer security agencies around the state the best talent pool.

Mission accomplished.

Now just three years later, NJ Guard Training Academy has not wavered in its original goals, and has become the Garden State’s largest and most successful SORA training school, and trusted by more security agencies than any other.

“We’re so grateful and humbled at our success in such a short period of time,” said Amaral, started as a Security Officer eighteen years ago. “We’ve helped so many individuals achieve their dream of becoming a security officer, while also assisting so many security agencies with providing quality candidates. It’s very gratifying.”

Indeed, NJ Guard Training Academy strives to be the best in the state, but they’re not resting on their laurels. Among NJGTA’s top priorities:

  • SORA Training – Experienced staff provides the most comprehensive SORA training and certification.
  • Above & Beyond – NJGTA also offers Advanced Training, Firearms Training and other customized Security curriculum.
  • Convenience – Nine strategic locations throughout the state with frequent class schedules to meet even the most demanding time constraints.
  • One-Stop Shopping For Security Agencies – More security agencies in the state come to NJGTA than any other in search of candidates, as well as to send current employees for training.
  • Career Services – Each student is assigned a counselor for one-on-one job preparation, coaching and placement.
  • 100% Customer Satisfaction – THE most important goal . . . for both the student and the security agency!

“We’ve always put ourselves in the shoes of our students and the agencies we work with,” added Amaral. “We prepare students like no other, and people trust us. And in this business, that’s most important.”

Why College Graduates & Military Personnel Should Consider a Career as a Security Officer

May 16th, 2012

Now One of New Jersey’s Most In-Demand Professions

College students and military personnel about to embark on the next stage of their lives may want to consider becoming a security officer.


Because there’s a huge demand for qualified security officers in the state of New Jersey, and the potential for career advancement throughout the ranks are limitless.

AND training and certification can be accomplished quickly and precisely with a qualified training school.

“We can’t stress enough the need for qualified security officers in New Jersey,” said Patrick Amaral, President of NJ Guard Training Academy, a private vocational non-profit training school which trains and places security officers throughout the state.

In 2007, the New Jersey Legislature enacted the Security Officer Registration Act, which mandated that all contract security officers working, or seeking employment in New Jersey, be certified in accordance with the act. The act instructed the Superintendent of the New Jersey State Police to establish a curriculum in order to train security officers.

More commonly referred to as SORA training, this program has resulted in an explosion in the need for security officers in the Garden State, as this specific training regimen has given companies peace of mind in knowing they’ll be served by highly-training individuals.

SORA training first requires 24 hours of education at a New Jersey state certified training center. The training is given with the aim to prepare the guards for working in different industries such as interaction with police departments, fire departments, etc. The armed security officers are then given a license after completing training in firearms for 47 hours. The training covers topics like the use of force. When the applicants have completed the weapons training at the range, they get the New Jersey armed security officer license. With the help of training, the officers are able to learn different use of force methods and the ways of detention of suspects.

“This training helps the security officer to work in most effective and efficient manner,” noted Amaral.

There are many job openings for the post of a security officer in New Jersey. These officers have many responsibilities that require them to be on alert at all times. The main role of the security officer is to make the environment where they are posted secure so that there are no cases of crime or violence.

Some of the places where the officers can find work include hospitals, schools, banks, financial institutions, casinos, pharmaceutical plants, bus stations, railway stations, and many others.

In short, New Jersey is a place with great opportunities for the people who are aspiring to enter the security officer field.

But it all starts with training, and there are a bevy of efficient and affordable training options available for the aspiring security officer.

“And after that, the sky is the limit for them,” added Amaral.

Security Officers in Demand More Than Ever

May 15th, 2012

Consider This Exciting Field for Stability & Career Growth

These days, companies of all shapes and sizes are adding security personnel to their locations.

The reasons can be numerous beyond the normal security considerations, but one major economic justification for security officers is that insurance companies (particularly fire insurance carriers) will give substantial rate discounts to sites which have a 24-hour presence; for a high risk or high value venue, the discount can often exceed the money being spent on its security program. This is because having a security guard on site increases the odds that any fire will be noticed and reported to the local fire department before a total loss occurs.

Also, the presence of security guards (particularly in combination with effective security procedures) tends to diminish “shrinkage,” theft, employee misconduct and safety rule violations, property damage, or even sabotage. Many casinos also hire security officers to protect the money when transferring it from the casino to the casino’s bank.

Thus, the demand for trained security officers in 2012 and beyond is “at an all-time high,” according to Patrick Amaral, President of NJ Guard Training Academy, a private vocational non-profit training school which trains and places security officers.

“We’ve seen an explosion in the need for qualified security officers, and particularly here in New Jersey, training and certification standards are very specific,” added Amaral. “So new security agencies and private businesses are constantly in need of security officers. We can barely keep up with the demand.”

There is a high demand for security professionals in a variety of fields and industries including healthcare, real estate, transportation, retail business, entertainment, drinking establishments and many more. In fact, virtually every industry has a need for well-trained security professionals in one capacity or another and security guard training security guard training is just the way to meet that need.

In fact, virtually every industry has a need for well-trained security professionals in one capacity or another and proper security guard training is just the way to meet that need.

And not only are there countless jobs and career opportunities for those willing to undergo security training for the wide range of security jobs needed to keep the world going, but there is also a huge market for security guard with college and military backgrounds.

“Companies are looking for mature individuals who may have a college or military background, which bodes well when it comes to training them to be a successful security officer,” noted Amaral.

Security officer training opens a door to a number of job and career opportunities in a variety of positions and industries. Private security companies offer security guard jobs ranging from entry-level, minimum wage positions guarding residential apartments, office buildings, and shopping malls, to lucrative high end bodyguard work and security consulting.

“The opportunities for career growth are limitless,” according to Amaral. “It’s a very exciting time for this profession.”