Alliance Program

NJ Guard Training Academy can be your one stop for employee resources. At little or no cost to your organization, we can assist you in the IMMEDIATE reduction of costs while increasing your market reach.

Reduce Your Overhead

How much does your HR and SORA training program cost?

Does SORA training take valuable time away from your key personnel?

Do you really need to have multiple SORA instructors on staff?

How can NJ Guard Training Academy help me reduce my overhead?

The key component of the Alliance Program is our web application. We have designed a custom web-based tool to search our graduates – all of whom are SORA certified and ready to work. This application allows your personnel to post jobs and/or search for the right candidate local to the job site. Gone are the days of posting ads in forums and manually searching through dozens of unqualified candidates. With dozens of filters at your fingertips, your staff can have a list of quality candidates instantly - much more cost effective than any newspaper ad, forum, or job fair.

Additional Benefits

Our Alliance Program was designed by former security agency managers - personnel who understand what you, your staff, and your company need. In additional to the savings, your company will:

  • Have an assigned coordinator that will aid your staff in training, exploring the many different features, and any other needs your company will have throughout the relationship.
  • Have access to unique discounts based on the volume and size of your agency.
  • Access to special features such as “Special Blasts” and “Direct Recruit” that aid in the exposure of your company to an even larger candidate pool.

Contact our office today to learn how we can help support your company’s growth and be more competitive in today’s challenging market.