Welcome to NJ Guard Training Academy

NJ Guard Training Academy is a non-profit training school based in NJ dedicated to the advancement of security personnel.

Why should you choose NJ Guard Training Academy?

  • We are the largest SORA training vocational school in New Jersey specializing in training security officers.
  • Eight regional training centers located throughout the state with frequent classes means you're ready to work much more quickly.
  • Our SORA training program is preferred by more security agencies in New Jersey than any other training center.
  • We offer additional training in Advanced Security Officer Training, Firearms Training and other customized security curriculum.
  • Our job bank, is live, customized to you and ongoing. Not a copied list of old jobs handed out to hundreds of students week after week.
  • SORA trained professionals ready to guide you through the complex SORA certification process, not answering machines and vacant offices with part time staff.

We Make the Difference!

NJ Guard Training Academy is the state's proven leader in SORA training because we deliver results – and then some.

In addition to our comprehensive training programs, we've developed strong relationships with employers and companies looking for qualified security officers so that once you receive your SORA certification we can offer real help with companies that are actually and currently hiring.

But we don't just stop at training...

Unlike many other training centers, each student at the NJ Guard Training Academy is assigned a full time SORA training coordinator whose primary responsibility is to:

  • Assist you in your career efforts.
  • Industry's only job bank system for security personnel.
  • Work to prepare you for job fairs and job interviews.
  • Aide with any other challenges that come along as you work toward your goal of becoming a security officer.

Don't be fooled by competitor's low prices! No one offers more for your money than NJ Guard Training Academy, and our reputation throughout the state is impeccable for a reason.

If you want to become the best, you've got to be trained by the best!

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SORA Training

NJ Guard Training Academy offers weekly classes throughout New Jersey to accommodate all schedules.

We're retained by more security agencies to perform their SORA training than any other because our instructors are the best in the business. And because of our trusted relationships with so many security agencies, we don't just stop at training – we offer the highest job referral rate in the state.

We'll help you to begin the career of your dreams NOW!

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