Frequently Asked Questions


SORA is a 3 step process:

First: A core function of the SORA process is the completion of a SORA Training class. It is strongly suggested that you identify a training class FIRST. Please visit and for a SORA certification class by  To attend this class you need two forms of government-issued ID (one with a photo), a copy of your 30-Day Temporary Certificate (next step) and your payment. We do not accept personal checks. Once you register for this class you will be sent a confirmation email. Please make sure that you receive this email. If you do not, call our office at 201-473-7045. On the week of the training class, you will be sent reminder emails. It is at this point we suggest that you complete the next two steps. This is designed for you to optimize.

Second: It is MANDATORY to register with the NJ State Police. You may register a You will not be able to attend class if you do not register with the NJ State Police. When you complete your registration with the NJ State Police you must print out two forms; the MorphoTrak Fingerprint Form and the 30-Day Temporary Certificate. You need two copies of the 30-Day Temporary Certificate, one copy for your records and bring one copy on the day of class.

NOTE: If you checked off for us to register you with the NJ State Police, all you have to do is fill out the form we emailed to you and bring that and 2 forms of ID to class. We will then register you with the NJ State Police and email you your 30-Day Temporary Certificate and fingerprint form. You will then be responsible to set up and pay for your own fingerprint appointment.

If you asked us to register you with the NJ State Police and fingerprints, the same applies, fill out the form and bring that with your 2 ID’s to class and we will do the state police and fingerprint appointment for you.

In both situations, you are to do nothing else. Do NOT register with the state police, you have asked us and paid for us to do it for you. If you have any questions or concerns call our office at 201-473-7045.

Third: Complete a fingerprint scan at a MorphoTrak. We recommend that you enroll via their website: it is also listed on the form. YOU DO NOT NEED TO HAVE YOUR FINGERPRINTS DONE TO ATTEND THE CLASS, however it is STRONGLY recommended that you make an appointment as soon as possible. It often takes at least 2-3 weeks to get an appointment. Calling them and providing your information via phone leaves the possibility of a communication error. You MUST show up on time with either a valid driver’s license or government-issued ID card. These are the ONLY forms of ID they accept and your paperwork. If you do not show up on time, you may be turned away.


In addition to SORA Training, we also provide quality services like firearm safety, security, and marksmanship training. For questions on those services, please, click here!

2 years
Unfortunately some companies will hire people without a SORA license. The unknowing security officer will be fined $1,000 and could be barred from working security in the future. Some companies try to get around this by changing their title, however, the officer will still be held liable for the fine.
These companies often charge VERY high rates for their classes. Although you are not paying up front for the class, you are still paying. Some companies even offer the class for free if you are with them for a period of time. However, if you leave the job within that time, you are often required to pay for the training. Independent schools are much cheaper, often have better training and offer employment referrals.
Your registration information to our SORA training program is entered into our database. The class roster will be sent to the NJ State Police the day before the class. If you fail to attend this class, you will be responsible for the seat you have purchased and possibly a reassignment fee. If you are unable to attend the class, simply contact our office and advise us of the issue. We can assign you to another class at a later date. However, please understand that you have purchased a service and are responsible for the fee.
We do our best to keep our prices as low as possible. The costs vary due to the different rate of each location. However, we are the largest SORA training program in the State and generally the most affordable.
If you fail to complete all three steps of the SORA process within 30 days, your 30-day Temporary Certificate will expire and the steps and money you have paid will not be refunded. You will be eligible to re-register with the NJ State Police, but you will not be issued a 30-Day Temporary Certificate and lose the right to work during this period.
Yes, if you have a 30-Day Temporary Certificate you may work as a security officer while you complete your three steps. Once the 30 days period is over, you must cease work until your steps are complete.
The time to complete each step depends greatly on you. The Registration with the NJ State Police is a 7 minute online process. The class is two full days and the fingerprints take about 2 minutes, it's more a matter of getting the appointment. Once you have completed all three steps; the NJ State Police will issue you your SORA card via the mail within 15 business days.
As a part of the process for SORA certification, a background check will be conducted. Crimes involving moral turpitude, controlled substances and any 4th degree crime or greater will prohibit an individual from receiving SORA certification. NJ Guard Training Academy does not have the authority to clarify any information regarding this area or any individual’s background. Questions pertaining to criminal history and/or background checks can only be addressed by the NJ State Police. Kindly submit all inquiries to the following email address: [email protected] Since the NJSP does not do refund for ANY reason, if you have an issue in this area either contact the NJSP for guidance or play it safe and don’t apply for SORA.
All SORA security personnel can renew up to 90 days PRIOR to their expiration date. Renewing early will NOT affect or change your 2 year term. You must renew BEFORE your expiration date.
If you failed to register and complete the recertification process before your expiration date you must complete the original process over again. To see the original 3 step SORA training / SORA certification process click here.
To renew, you must log into your NJ State Police account Then, click on “Renewal Applicant” > “My Applications” > “Security Officer” > “Submit Renewal” YOU MUST HAVE YOUR CREDIT CARD ON HAND BEFORE YOU START THIS PROCESS. (For your protection, the website will log you out if you take too long on any page)
The cost is $78.75 to renew with the NJSP, PLUS the cost of the one day mandatory recertification class.
Yes, you must obtain a one day refresher course by a NJSP certified instructor PRIOR to your expiration date.
With your original process, the registration with the NJSP and the fingerprinting were two separate steps. With the renewal there is no need to get your fingerprints re-done; therefore, the processing of your background check and the renewal fee are blended together and therefore less than the original process of $75 + $66.