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NJ Guard Training Academy Inc. is the LARGEST SORA training private vocational school in New Jersey. We offer weekly classes throughout the state. Our highly trained LAW ENFORCEMENT and SECURITY instructors are UNIQUE TO THE TRAINING INDUSTRY. Since we provide such quality training, our company is retained by more security agencies to perform their SORA training than any other. That only makes the certificates you earn through us more valuable when searching for employment. These relationships allow us to offer you the highest job referral rate. There’s a reason NJ Guard is THE trusted name in


As of 2007, SORA training is mandated for all contract security positions throughout New Jersey. SORA training is a 3 step process to be completed within a 30 day period. These steps currently include registration with the New Jersey State Police (NJSP), completion a 24 hour training program with a NJSP certified instructor, and fingerprint collection. Proper government issued identification is required for each step and though a credit card is not required, it is HIGHLY recommended.



The SORA training course includes, but is not limited to, the following subject matter:

  • NJ Guard Training Academy Inc. Orientation
  • NJ Attorney General’s Use of Force Policy
  • Terrorism Awareness
  • Cargo Theft
  • Security Measures: Prevention and Deterrence
  • New Jersey’s Critical Infrastructure Awareness
  • Suspicious Letters and Packages
  • Suicide Bombers and Vehicle Borne Improvised Explosive Devices (VBIED’s)
  • First Aid Awareness
  • Incident Command System
  • Ethics
  • Report Writing
  • Street Gangs
  • Verbal Judo


SORA training classes are typically offered on a weekly basis throughout the state. Please visit our SORA registration page for exact dates, times, and prices.



  1. Must be at least 18 years of age
  2. Must posses a valid photo ID with valid expiration date, i.e. Drivers License, Passport, etc.
  3. Must register and possess “30 day Temporary Certificate of Registration as a Security Officer”. This registration is issued by the New Jersey State Police. Go to the state police logon here: to obtain your 30 day temporary certificate. You must pay for the certificate when applying.
  4. You must also be fingerprinted by the state licensed agency (Morpho Trak), their web site is You will only have 30 days to complete the process which includes your SORA class. It is recommended that you schedule your class first and then apply for your certificate with the NJSP.
  5. SORA has very strict guidelines when it comes to credentials and proof of identity:

A temporary Certificate of Registration as a security officer AND ONE OF THE FOLLOWING:

  • A valid photo identification with a valid expiration date (an out of state Driver’s License is acceptable);
  • An expired New Jersey photo drivers license in combination with a current non – photo license;
  • US Passport or Alien Registration card with foreign passport;
  • OR Photo ID issued by any Federal, State, or Municipal Government.


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