Firearm Training


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We use the NRA training method of Total Participant Involvement.

Basic courses provide hands on learning opportunities in the following areas:

  • Safe firearm handling
  • Firearm parts and operation
  • Ammunition and its function
  • Shooting fundamentals and an opportunity to develop them on the range
  • How to select, clean and store a firearm
  • Review of various activities available to help participants develop and improve their shooting skills

Attractive certificates are awarded to participants who successfully complete each basic course.

The skills needed to legally, properly, and safely handle and use firearms do not come naturally to anyone. ANYONE! We are not born with these skills. They have to be taught. We have to learn them. Let's face it. We no longer live in the world of the 1800's and before, where people were more-often exposed to firearms at a young age and hopefully began learning to respect those firearms at that age. We live in a world that repeatedly bombards people, regardless of age, through TV, movies, video games, etc., with a potentially unsafe, unhealthy and impractical view of firearms. So, how do we change this? The NRA Basic Pistol Course is an excellent way to start. This course is designed to teach individuals of any skill level, from a person that has never held a firearm before to those who have been handling firearms their entire lives, the skills necessary to safely, effectively, competently, and confidently handle and use a pistol. This course focuses on pistols, revolvers and semi-automatic pistols specifically. Long arms, rifles, shotguns, etc., are covered in other courses, but many of the skills taught in this course apply to those types of firearms, as well.
No. The NRA Basic Pistol Course is not affiliated, in any way, with the NJ State Police or the SORA training process. The successful completion of this course, or a course similar to it, will however, be required by the State of New Jersey for candidates wishing to be eligible to obtain a carry permit in this state. More questions regarding carry permits and armed security officers can be found starting with question Nine (9) below.
While this is the question that we most often hear at NJ Guard Training Academy, it is a question that will naturally result in many other possible questions from you. For this reason we have prepared an entire section of this page devoted entirely to this and similar topics. You will find the answers to this and other questions pertaining to armed security officers on the FAQ page.
This particular course is what we call a "Pool Course". Students register for the class in advance and are contacted once we have a sufficient number of students to conduct the class. When we contact you, you will be asked to confirm if you are available for the scheduled class or not. If you are unavailable for the dates scheduled just respond and ask to be contacted for the next class scheduled. Do not ignore the contact or forget to respond. We will only attempt to schedule you 3 times (3x) if you fail to respond. After the third attempt we will assume that you are no longer interested and remove you from the class pool list.
Essential gun safety rules, Different types of pistols and which one is best for you, The basics of ammunition, The fundamentals of pistol shooting.